Digital Media Producer (DMP) for AHC's Brands

We are seeking for a Digital Media Producer to manage all of our brand's social media accounts.  Because our brands market marketing to small business owners, the DMP’s role is to be responsible for customizing posts and interactions that follow our client’s brand as well as our own brand; utilizing their skills as a Multimedia Designer.


An in-house DMP will be in charge of creating graphics in the Adobe Suite as well as taking advantage of tools offered from online programs, such as Canva or Ripl.  They need to be graphically inclined and capable of teaching themself techniques and skills of how to use programs.  They will also be responsible for blog updates on our clients as well as our own website and email campaigns through 3rd party software such as Mailchimp.  They will ensure that the SMM and SMM2 are executing their tasks properly and communicating with all parties, including the client, about the direction of the project/services.  They will need to have a plan of action in place for all aspects of our online marketing efforts.  In addition, they will be in charge of backlinking online in various locations and networking; following and interacting in appropriate and impactful forums such as LinkedIn groups and other online groups or blogs where business content is posted.


Paid at $16-18/hour with set hours or $20-24/hour as needed.  Specific projects will be paid a flat rate.  Contractors will be required to physically visit and spend time onsite at their client's location (after COVID has passed).


All contractors must implement self-structure and will be required to keep track of their hours.  Everything we post, either for ourself or a client needs to reflect their brand and posts are to follow the newest and latest trends under social media best practices.  They will report to a manager and stick to a set timeframe and guideline.


To assist in publishing our posts, we use 3rd party software to schedule, queue and track accounts.  Our program also provides valuable information to assist in content generation.  We use programs such as Canva and Ripl, to name a few, to create content and imagery as well as short videos and.  gifs that the contractor will be responsible for using.  


From time to time, we may send the contractor organic content and imagery, but they can expect to create 95% of their posts themself.  We write a bi-weekly blog for both HWD and HMG that can be shared in a variety of ways.  The contractor will not be required to write blogs.  We offer a bi-monthly FB giveaway that can be marketed in our efforts, but ideally, the contractor who manages those will post on its behalf and create the giveaway, managing it from start to finish.  They will need to communicate with followers as they arise, on all posts or DMs.  


We try to show off our clients as much as possible using information we generate from our site as well as theirs that the contractor will be responsible for obtaining.  The contractor will be reporting to our Digital Media Producer with any questions and will be responsible for their own devices to use to assist in postings, such as a laptop, tablet and phone.


They will work remotely and will work the hours they see fit, as long as posts are going out on a regular basis.  We provide a guide on how we would like our content posted.


These positions are a paid position with the chance to grow after a grace period of 60 days.  We can also discuss taking on more responsibilities for HWD and HMG as well as taking on client accounts.


COVID-19 considerations


To keep our contractors as safe as possible, we use Zoom to conduct meetings.


If you are ready to learn and gain experience, if you enjoy being on social media, have experience and are good at time management, please submit your resume along with references and/or questions to

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