Virtual Salesperson (HWD & HMG)

We are looking for a virtual salesperson to complete cold calls and email and phone correspondence for our businesses, Hillsdale Web Design and Hillsdale Marketing Group.  We will personally train a motivated person who is willing to learn and grow with the business!  However, this person must have technical knowhow not only with email communication but with website backend workflows and automations or be able to quickly learn the systems.


This position pays 20% commissions for jobs entered as a complete sale into our job ticketing system and/or 5% commissions on leads turned potential and handed over to another contractor or another sales representative and they complete a sale.  Most sales range from $250-3K.  Leads come in several times a day and as the applicant feels comfortable, we have the opportunity to allow more to enter our system!  You will also have the opportunity to develop relationships with our clients to generate residual sales!


This person will need to learn the businesses inside and out in order to be successful in landing a lead and sale.  They must have experience in sales and customer service.  They will need excellent communication skills and be detailed and organized.  They will need to be on the phone often with potential and current clients.  Experience in marketing, branding, printing, web design, and online presence is preferred otherwise this will be a big learning curve.  However, it is not required if the right person is motivated and determined. 


This position plays a large role in our company, so only serious applicants will be considered.

At first, they will need to be available pretty frequently in order to learn and train with the owner, Amanda Honeywell.  Then they can set their own hours.  Right now, she works M-F, 9-5 USA/Eastern Time.  After training, they will be able to work the shift/hours they choose as we work with business across the world and systems are in place to accommodate!

This person will need to go through a training process in order to determine if the position is right for them.  While in this phase, commissions will be paid out at 10% vs. 20% as they will be working directly with Amanda.   The training period length will be determined between the applicant and Amanda.  If at the end of the training, we determined they are ready to be on their own, they will be added as a paid contractor.  If further time is needed, this can be discussed with Amanda. 


As any sales person knows, a lot of leads are lost, however, if the applicant learns the business, has a personal touch, and works with Amanda on how to land these leads, they will be successful together.  Amanda can guarantee it as she has been successful with the leads that come in.  She needs your help as she no longer has time to manage all of them.

COVID-19 Considerations

To keep our contractors as safe as possible, we use Zoom to conduct meetings.


If you feel this position is right for you, you have the potential to earn a lot of income!  Only serious applicants need to apply.  It doesn’t matter where you live.  You can where pajamas if you want!  You just need a semi modern computer connected to the internet (you cannot just use your phone to work in the systems set in place) and your own cellphone to conduct cold calls and talk to leads. 

Please send your resume and references to  Only applicants who send a resume and meet the requirements will be considered.

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