Our Process


We start by jumping on a call or a Zoom meeting to discuss with you and your business partners what your services and products are and what your needs are moving forward with your online presence and marketing efforts.


Understanding Your Business and Your Brand

We care about your brand–it’s really important to us!  As we move forward together, our team of professionals will look at your businesses’ current online presence to gain a better understanding of how your business presents itself to users. 


We look at your current website (if you have one), your social media channels, and we look at how your business appears on search engines and online directory listings.  We encourage you to send us any content you deem important such as brochures, content you use often, images and videos. 


We want to know what your mission, vision and philosophy are as well, so we’ll discuss this along with what your current business plan is.


We find that some folks like to use Pinterest to show us visually how they want their brand to look and feel.  If you want to (and it’s certainly not required), create a board and add things that visually represent your brand; from letterheads and business cards, to images of room designs and other images which could help us understand the ‘mood’ of your brand.  Add anything to the board that you feel conveys a message that relates to your business!


Gathering Content

Once we know that we have the correct content (images, written word, videos, graphics, etc.) for your business, we can organize your content and get started on our project together!  If additional content is needed, we will need to discuss this further with you.  You may be asked to provide further content, or we may suggest adding on additional content services that we provide as we move along. 




Website Setup

With website setups, we can ensure the domains, emails, apps, etc. are connected to the host and functioning properly!  Your quote may already have this service added, otherwise we can add it on at any time.  We may require login information for various platforms to ensure proper setup and completion. 



As we setup your project, we may decide to show you our progress mid-way so that you can see how everything is looking to determine if we are on the right track.  At any time, feel free to have us adjust as you see fit.  As we approach the finish line, we will keep you in the know so that you understand where we are at on the project in regard to its budget. 


About Your Investment


The estimate you will be provided is subject to change.  The estimate will be open for 1 week unless you request otherwise.  We understand that budgets are in place for a reason.  Just let us know and we can adjust your estimate or invoice to reflect your needs prior to getting started.


Payment and Billing


50% is required prior to any task or project getting started and final payment is due at time of completion. 


All invoices and accounts receivable will come from Hillsdale Web Design, checks and payments can be made out to Hillsdale Web Design, 26 State Street, Hillsdale, MI 49242.


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Website Turnaround

Please allow 2-4 weeks for completion on standard projects and 1.5-3+ months on more advanced projects such as coding and brand development.

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