Adding a Dynamic Page to the Editor X Menu Bar

When adding a dynamic page to the Editor X menu bar, start by grabbing the menu bar and clicking “Manage Menu”.

From there, you should select the link icon.

From there, select “Page” and enter which page you want. For a dynamic page, you will need to use its “Title Page” vs. the “All Page” otherwise, you will be selecting the catalog page to all of the title pages. If you select the Title Page, it will show a secondary selection and ask which item you want. Then, you can select your actual page. Tell it to open either new or current, whichever you like.

It will create a link at the bottom of your Manage Menu bar.

Rename it how you like and rearrange it to how you need it to flow. Be sure to adjust your mobile menu bar if you have it set to a different menu.

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