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2022 Fair Week

They competed in Division 2 for fairs with 25,001 to 75,000 attendees and won awards in the following categories:

Social Media Campaign
Website's Home Page Layout
Web Advertisement
Printed Material - Multipage

Their Social Media Campaign was designed to engage their audience and create a sense of community. I successfully created a buzz around the event and used a combination of videos, photos, and text to create a cohesive message that resonated with their followers.

Their Website's Home Page was designed to draw attention to their event and encourage people to attend. I used bright colors and bold fonts to ensure their message was seen and used User Experience Design to provide the news was easily understood.

Their Printed Material-Multipage was designed to give attendees all the information they needed about their event. I followed 2022's theme throughout their marketing materials to ensure a cohesive message.

Their Web Advertisement was strategically chosen to find the right audience at the right time. I also captured their attention quickly, making their message clear and easy to read.

I am so proud of their entire team for their hard work and dedication to letting me create these award-winning campaigns. I'm honored they were recognized by the Michigan Association of Fairs and Festivals, and I look forward to continuing to create engaging campaigns in the future.

My work on the Hillsdale County Fairground's "Fair Week" campaign won them four awards from the Michigan Association of Fairs and Festivals!

2022 Fair Week


Hillsdale County Fairgrounds

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