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If you're looking for a website manager who will take the time to understand your business and customers' needs, I'm your girl! I aim to build relationships with you to become your go-to content creator, marketing strategist, and graphic and web designer. I will establish a powerful online presence for your business but your customers will have the best user experience! 

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Award Winning Campaign & Website Management for County Fair

Lori, the director of the Hillsdale County Fair in Hillsdale, MI, USA, asked me to recreate their website in Wix from the ground up. In addition, I also get to manage their email marketing, social media, Google and Facebook ads, graphic design for printing, digital strategy, and more each year for their recurring fair! Then, in 2022, with my help, they won 4 awards for their website, social media, email marketing, and online advertising.

Content & Media Gathered, Editor X - Complete Website Buildout for Metal Roofing Company

The team at Stoll Metal Sales in Jonesville, MI, USA, needed an entirely new website. Their old site needed more features, and their website manager and provider were absent while growing. I went to their place of business, took photos, recorded Q and As, and returned to my office. I wrote all of the content you see on their website from the conversations we had together! They now have a modern site representing who they are as a company.

Editor X - Complete Website Buildout for Appraisal Company

Ray from Down To Earth Appraisal Services in Osseo, MI, USA, wanted to escape from his previous website manager primarily because of their lack of communication. Ray was also looking for someone who understood SEO and could help guide him in the right direction when it came to being found online organically.

Website Overhaul - Migration/Complete New Design

The Loveberry family is super fun and exciting! Brenda and Doug, along with their 8 children, run Loveberry's Funny Farm Campground in Ohio, USA, and have been for years. Their old website needed to be better when it came to the users' experience. We wanted to showcase who they are and what they offer and give their users the best experience possible! I had a lot of fun creating this new design and site for them.

Editor X - One Page Website for Chemical Blending Company

David needed a one-page website that acted as an online brochure. A place he could send his current and potential customers to go and download important information about his company. Though he has a 1-page website, I could include everything he needed, and the page is still user-friendly and nicely organized!

Complete Site Migration (and then some) for PremCom

Pete and his team wanted their website moved away from WordPress because editing it was too difficult. He also wanted it spruced up a bit! I was able to complete this project for him reasonably quickly! Now, Pete hires me here and there whenever they need help with development or coding because he and his team can regularly update the content as they see fit!

A Psychiatrist's Website Designed for his Brand!

Benjamin R. Smoak, MD, knew what colors, fonts, and content he wanted to see on his website. He and I worked closely, ensuring this brand messaging was on point. He needed to ensure he competed and offered services properly in New York and Wyoming, USA. 

Logo and Brand Brief Creation with Traditional Informational Website for Local Café

After creating their logo and setting up their brand brief, Rick at The Wellbeing Café of Hillsdale, MI, USA, was ready to open his new business in a local strip mall. Still, he needed an informational website where users could find general information about the company. He plans to add a menu area and expand on his site, but for now, he wanted something eye-catching yet to the point.

Restaurant Website w/DoorDash Connection for Mexican Cuisine Restaurant

Bienvenidos Amigos! The Father-Son owners of El Mariachis Mexican Restaurant in Bryan, Ohio, USA, have been serving authentic Mexican food made from scratch with fresh meat, veggies, unique spices, and sauces for years! They also have a beautifully designed atmosphere and must be adequately represented online! Their old website manager needed help to capture their needs. I created their custom-designed website from the ground up and connected them to DoorDash and Facebook!

Brand Management and Website Development for Law Office

Kimm with KB Law Office in Hillsdale, MI, USA, has me update her website, which I built several years ago, often. I ensure that logos are updated, hours and services are, and I keep in line with user experiences as the market changes. I've written blogs, content, radio commercials, and magazine articles and designed many of her digital marketing pieces.

Campaign Logo & Website for Judge - Clean & Straightforward Design

Before launching his campaign, Judge Robert Gaecke of Jackson, MI, USA, needed a website to represent his focus and drive for his work leading up to his election. He wanted something clean and straightforward. I helped his team develop their logo and yard signs and started their Facebook business page.

An SEO Focused Website and Marketing Management for a Manufacturing Company

Aaron and his family have been in the concrete business for over 50 years, and his competition is fierce! Aaron first came to me after needing more support from his current marketing and website managers. I migrated his website to Wix years ago and have continued improving it ever since! Aaron has me run Google Ads and Facebook Ads, write content, aid in radio and print advertising, track analytics, and more to maintain searchability. 

Board Members in Need of a Website Overhaul!

The board members over at Kinderhook Township in Coldwater, MI, USA, were sick of being stuck in the past with their current website. While they wanted a simple site, they knew it needed a new look. They also wanted to add to it in a way they could without complications. They were also looking for someone who had their back whenever they needed it. I  enjoyed creating this beautiful sleek site for them! 

A Site Designed to Encourage the Kid in All of Us!

Rick and his 6 children needed a summer job, so he sought something they would enjoy doing together! Renting Inflatable Bounce Houses! And not just any-old bounce house, some incredibly amazing ones! Building this site for him was so much fun! I drew attention to the features of each bounce house while making the process of renting for users fast and easy!

Wedding Planner Website - Uniquely Designed to Match the Brand

Carolyn, the owner of Happily Ever afTer Wedding & Event Planner, is a passionate, design-savvy, unique individual. She services her local Hillsdale County, MI community and travels! So her website had to represent her brand and messaging perfectly! After developing her logo and brand brief, I created a brand-new site for her and her team that reflected that.

Where the "Dogs" are Just as Saucy as the Website

Susan and Mike, the Mother and Son owners of Saucy Dogs BBQ in Jonesville, MI, USA, needed to find another website manager because their current one was MIA! Their brand is fun and exciting! They are a local restaurant that serves delicious food, primarily hot dogs! But not just any old dog! Their website needed to reflect just how "suacyingly" delicious their food is, who they are, and the great vibe one gets while dining at their establishment. 

An Upscale-Classic Restaurant Website Redesign and Migration

Jason and his wife bought an established and popular restaurant a few years back. They were looking to move the old site away from the previous site manager and to someone who could understand their brand and business needs. I update their menu each quarter and help them update any updated content yearly. If you're ever in Jonesville, MI, USA, visit them! Their food is delicious! 

A New Medical Billing Business In Need of a New Website

Robyn, the owner of 365MBS, came to me because she had experience hiring me to create designs for her in various forms. She knew I understood how vital an adequately designed marketing piece was. I helped develop her logo and brand brief and then went to work on her site. This custom-built and designed website acts as 365MBS's lead generator and online brochure to customers all over the United States.

A Portfolio Website for an Experienced Realtor

Jim owns his own Real Estate company, Drews Realty, C21, but he also is a videographer and photographer! He wanted a website to showcase his work to show potential home sellers the opportunities he could offer outside of other realtors' wheelhouses.

A Redesigned and Migrated Website That's Known for Winning!

Mr. Christie of William K. Christie & Associates has been winning Social Security Cases for over 55 years! He's very experienced, and his website needed to reflect that. We obtained his Google My Business and Bing Listings, so he could compete locally in Jackson, MI, USA. I love the colors and functionality of his website! 

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