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How We Got Started

AHC was started in 2014 when the owner, Amanda Honeywell, branched out from working for local printing and design companies to creating websites for her local community.  

It has since developed into a full-firm branding, design, marketing, printing, and web solutions company offering a one-stop shop for clients who are serious about their brand and marketing efforts.


About Our CEO

Hello!  My name is Amanda Honeywell.  I am a self-taught multimedia designer and entrepreneur.  I started my journey in 2006 creating art for my home in the form of abstract paintings.  I would sign my paintings, "A. Honey".  In 2009, I put away my paintbrush and replaced it with a camera and a computer.  I taught myself how to take portrait photos starting with friends and family under the name A. Honey Photography.  I also taught myself how to use the Adobe Suite software and worked for my parent's print shop as a graphic designer (their lead designer at the time had quite unexpectedly and they needed someone right away).  In addition, I had the pleasure of working for two other local print shops from 2011 (when my parent's shop closed) until 2016 when I branched out on my own.

During this time in my life I realized a few things about myself.  I had found a career path that filled me with passion, passion I knew I wanted to continue for years to come.  I realized that I didn’t really like working for other people–while I enjoyed working for the other two print shops, I couldn’t help but feel that my skills were not being given the attention they deserved.  I found I had put myself in situations where I was offering services above and beyond my job title.  I didn’t need to be managed.  I completed tasks from start to finish; from initial client contact, to quoting, to invoicing, to customer relations, to seeking out new leads all while completing my job responsibilities.  I really enjoyed helping businesses come to terms with what they really needed.  When customers asked me for a flyer to print, I’d ask why?  “What was your goal for this flyer?”, I’d ask.  Sometimes it led customers to go down a completely different path… maybe what they really needed was to place an advertisement on Google for instance.  I stopped being a graphic designer and printer and started to be a multimedia designer without even knowing it.

This had me thinking… did I just want to complete the task customers gave me and not ask questions or, did I want to offer them more?  And if I wanted to offer more, did I want to continue to work for other businesses?  The prints shops I worked for had their own vision, of course.  One that I felt was holding me back. 


On my down time I continued to develop A. Honey Photography where I was getting paid to take portraits for weddings, graduating seniors and newborns.  I LOVED it!  But, sadly, there is a lot of competition in our area and a large base of very good photographers.  I knew I couldn’t branch out on my own by offering photography services alone.

I had a lot of self-growth during this time and ultimately decided my path needed to change just a bit more.  I continued to expand opportunities for myself in 2014 when I created my first website.  At that moment, A. Honey Creations, LLC was born.


So, I was taking portraits, building websites and working as a graphic designer and printer.  I was kind of all over the place.  I knew I didn’t want to brand A. Honey Creations as a web design company and I knew I wanted to keep A. Honey Photography separate as a hobby, so I decided to call that particular skillset Hillsdale Web Design and started doing business on the side.  

In 2016, I quite my day job and focus 100% of my time to Hillsdale Web Design.  I cut back on A. Honey Photography only offering commercial photography for businesses and headshots and I started Hillsdale Printing Company where I offered products and services to exclusive clients. 

But I didn’t stop there!  I didn’t want to go at this journey alone.  I knew that I needed help from other talents and in order to successfully build a brand for myself, I needed to take pride in who I worked with and honor them with respect for their skill.  So, I sought out local talent.  I started to offer my clients leads to other local professionals who could help them with their needs, needs I couldn’t fulfill.  In 2018, after finding a group of ladies who I trusted and respected to help me accomplish what I was after, Hillsdale Marketing Group was born.

Hillsdale Marketing Group came alive because of the ladies I had by my side.  Sarah Gray, Christine Bowman, and Connie Sexton all bring a key element to our group which ties everything we do together nicely–it’s what sets us apart!

At the end of the day, I get to go home knowing my day was new and exciting and I get to continue to feel passionate and express myself through imagery every time I work with a client. With my drive to succeed and my strive for self-improvement, I will never fall behind the times as I continue to teach myself new techniques and drive my businesses.

With an eye for detail and a passion for design, I’ll be thorough with any project I'm working on for you and your business. With a deep and developed skill in understanding an online presence, I’ll make sure your business is seen everywhere your customers are looking.


I intend to build further on A. Honey Creation's decade-old commitment to understand the importance of individuality.  It is not about the bottom line but caring about the bigger picture of doing what's right for our clients.


I look forward to meeting and working with you and your business soon!

Amanda Honeywell


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